Handmade Blogging Hints and Tips

I was at a handmade markets yesterday and the operator of the markets runs a pretty successful #blog on blogspot promoting the event.  She posts updates regularly and has been doing so for a few years now, so the blog has established a certain credibility and is definitely in a niche that fits with the #handmade and #artisan hashtags.

handmade terrigal

But, whenever I visit the blog, there are NO COMMENTS – yet there are over a hundred eager stallholders at each market – and none of them have taken the time to post a comment and get in touch with the blog to make a connection.  It’s as if the markets organiser is writing a private journal and no one is game to put their view in.  I can’t stand this – don’t get me wrong – I just wish everyone who was at the markets took 5 minutes to connect and share even their facebook page with the blog as a comment – they do it on facebook, why not on a blog?

So, I have posted a few links – I even went as far as posting a link to this article, to see if anyone follows through and reads exactly what is coming in – and yes, the blog owner leaves the comments there and they are dofollow and live.

As a #stallholder it is valuable to build a link to your online presence by commenting on a blog like this – especially if you are a stallholder at that very market!  This way, you are making it easier for any readers to connect with your stall and see that you are a part of the market.  NOT commenting is almost letting yourself and your brand down as you are leaving an ideal opportunity to waste.

Ok, I hope this was positive overall – there are so many great opportunities to connect and promote your online markets stall but if you don’t look and learn you are simply letting them pass you by.  Good Luck and see you next week!


5 thoughts on “Handmade Blogging Hints and Tips

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